Discover the 20 Most Affordable Cities Where Your Vacation Dreams Can Come True

Embarking on the search for an affordable vacation home? The dream of a second residence doesn’t have to clash with your budget. Across North America, from the vibrant towns of Mexico to the serene landscapes of Canada and the diverse beauty of the USA, there are plenty of spots where the allure of owning a second home comes with an attractive price tag. Here’s a countdown of the most budget-friendly locations for Americans looking to buy internationally, all with prices in US dollars for straightforward planning.

#20. Prince Edward Island, Canada

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Kick off with PEI’s laid-back island living, where scenic properties and a welcoming community start from $160,000. It’s an affordable entry into Canada’s charming east coast life.

#19. Merida, Mexico

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Step into the colonial elegance and vibrant culture of Merida, with homes available under $150,000. This cultural hub offers an affordable gateway to the rich history and warm climate of Mexico.

#18. Lévis, Quebec

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Across the river from Quebec City, Lévis offers tranquility and charm with homes starting at $200,000. It’s a serene suburb with quick access to urban life.

#17. Ocala, Florida

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For $200,000, dive into Ocala’s equestrian lifestyle and Florida’s natural beauty. It’s where adventure meets affordability.

#16. Kamloops, British Columbia

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Western Canada’s hidden gem, Kamloops, presents sunny skies and outdoor activities with real estate beginning at $320,000. Discover affordability in the heart of British Columbia.

#15. Barrie, Ontario

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An hour from Toronto, Barrie’s homes start at $320,000, offering lakeside living and winter sports—a haven for year-round recreation.

#14. Thunder Bay, Ontario

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Thunder Bay’s homes, around $160,000, place you on Lake Superior’s shores, perfect for exploring Canada’s vast northern landscapes.

#13. Bakersfield, California

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California’s Bakersfield offers an entry at $250,000, blending California sun with the charm of a smaller city.

#12. Lake Chapala, Mexico

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Join Lake Chapala’s thriving expat community with lakeside properties starting at $150,000, where Mexico’s largest lake meets affordable living.

#11. Abbotsford, British Columbia

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Just outside Vancouver, Abbotsford’s countryside homes start at $320,000, offering peace near the city at a fraction of Vancouver’s cost.

#10. Mobile, Alabama

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Discover the Gulf Coast’s historic charm in Mobile with homes under $150,000. Southern hospitality has never been so affordable.

#9. Sherbrooke, Quebec

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Immerse yourself in French-Canadian culture in Sherbrooke, with picturesque homes from $160,000, set in Quebec’s stunning Eastern Townships.

#8. Corpus Christi, Texas

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Waterfront living is within reach in Corpus Christi, starting at $200,000. It’s Texas’s coastal secret, blending beach life with Texan flair.

#7. Ensenada, Mexico

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For under $100,000, Ensenada offers a laid-back Mexican retreat with wine, beaches, and a growing expat community.

#6. Gatlinburg, Tennessee

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Cabins in Gatlinburg begin at $250,000, offering a cozy mountain town vibe and a doorway to the Smokies.

#5. St. John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador

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Experience rugged beauty and a friendly vibe in St. John’s, where homes start at $160,000—a serene escape to nature.

#4. Daytona Beach, Florida

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Daytona Beach presents an opportunity for oceanside living under $200,000, embodying the Floridian dream on a budget.

#3. Windsor, Ontario

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Windsor combines Canadian living with accessibility, offering homes from $200,000—a steal for those looking to enjoy the Canadian experience close to the US.

#2. Yuma, Arizona

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Yuma is a haven for sun chasers, with homes starting at just $150,000. It’s the perfect spot for those seeking warmth and affordability in the US.

#1. Puerto Morelos, Mexico

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Topping the list, Puerto Morelos invites you to beachfront bliss for just above $100,000. It’s Mexico’s tranquil secret, offering the best of the Riviera Maya without the premium price tag.

Finding Value

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This countdown showcases that the dream of owning a vacation home in picturesque locales across North America can be a reality without stretching your finances. From the serene islands of Canada to the historic towns of Mexico and diverse landscapes of the USA, affordable luxury awaits.

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