20 Collectibles That Aren’t the Goldmine You Think

Sometimes, what’s trending as a sure investment or collectible fizzles out, leaving many to wonder why they jumped on the bandwagon in the first place. Ever wondered about those items that were all the rage but now barely fetch a dime at a garage sale?

#1. Beanie Babies

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Once believed to be a solid investment, Beanie Babies now linger in attics and thrift stores, largely ignored by the collectors who once scrambled for them.

#2. Commemorative Plates

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These plates, often bought in droves, were thought to be future heirlooms. Sadly, they’re now more likely to be found collecting dust than fetching high prices.

#3. Thomas Kinkade Paintings

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Dubbed “Painter of Light,” Kinkade’s mass-produced paintings were initially seen as valuable collectibles but have not held their market value.

#4. Hummel Figurines

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Once passed down from generation to generation, these figurines have seen a significant drop in demand and value in the modern day.

#5. Franklin Mint Collectibles

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Items from Franklin Mint, including coins, dolls, and die-cast cars, were sold as “limited edition” collectibles but haven’t appreciated in value as hoped.

#6. McDonald’s Happy Meal Toys

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While nostalgic, most of these toys haven’t increased in value, with millions made and many preserved, they are too common to be rare.

#7. Furby

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The once must-have toy and supposed future collectible Furby is now mostly a quirky reminder of late-90s consumer fever.

#8. Precious Moments Figurines

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These sentimental porcelain figurines were once thought to be a good investment but have drastically dropped in popularity and value.

#9. Pogs

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In the 90s, every kid thought Pogs would someday fund their college tuition. Today, they’re worth little more than the cardboard they’re printed on.

#10. Baseball Cards from the Late 80s and 90s

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Oversaturated markets of the late 80s and 90s baseball cards have left many of these once-valuable items worth only pennies.

#11. Cabbage Patch Kids

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Despite their wild popularity in the 80s, most Cabbage Patch Kids dolls haven’t retained significant value, except for some rare early models.

#12. VHS Tapes

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Except for a few rare horror and cult classics, the vast majority of VHS tapes are not valuable, despite the hopes of those who collected them.

#13. Adult Coloring Books

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A recent trend that did not pan out as a collectible, with millions sold and many unused, they haven’t retained any noteworthy market value.

#14. Bobbleheads

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While sports and pop culture bobbleheads were a hit for a moment, most do not hold substantial resale value today.

#15. Olympic Memorabilia

Image Credit: Shutterstock / Mirt Alexander

Apart from a few rare exceptions, most merchandise and collectibles from recent Olympics have not performed well on the secondary market.

#16. Mass-Produced Adult Fantasy Novels

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Many bought these books hoping they’d be the next big series but found that only first editions of truly iconic books hold significant value.

#17. Modern Comic Books

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With print runs in the millions for some issues, modern comic books haven’t seen the appreciation in value that older, rarer comics have.

#18. Stamps from the Late 20th Century

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Once a popular collector’s item, most modern stamps are too plentiful to be worth much to collectors today.

#19. Modern Artist Bears

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Handmade artist bears were once a hot ticket in the collectible world, but their market has cooled significantly.

#20. Trendy Kitchen Gadgets

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Unique kitchen gadgets that were once thought would become collectibles due to their quirky designs have not held up as valuable collectibles.

Think Again

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While it’s fun to chase the latest collectible craze, history shows that not every hot item turns into a goldmine. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the value of enjoying your collectibles can far outweigh their monetary worth. What’s in your collection that you thought would bring back a fortune?

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