Struggling to Get Hired? AI May Be Filtering You Out

If you’re currently navigating the job market in any industry, AI might be impacting your search and your success. Here’s how.

Navigating the Job Market More Difficult Than Ever

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You may have noticed that in today’s job climate, it’s harder than ever to get to the interview stage of the hiring process.

You have the same qualifications as always – if not more – but for some reason, you can’t get past the application.

The Role of Application Tracking Systems

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If that sounds familiar, you may be experiencing the effects of ATS – applicant tracking systems – a hiring tool that millions of employers are using to weed through stacks of resumes.

History of ATS

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ATS is not new by any means; the concept was born in the 1970s and was, at the time, a set of manual processes that were used to sift through and organize job applications. 

An Astounding Evolution

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As the years progressed, ATS became more sophisticated and eventually evolved to the software in use today.

AI Integrations With ATS

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Now, artificial intelligence is used with ATS to create programs that scan resumes and job applications before they ever come before a human.

While this process saves a ton of time for the recruiter and hiring team, there are nuances that make it less than ideal for hopeful job applicants.

The Downside

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The downside is that AI is not infallible. It can only interpret the information it’s given. 

When Amazon’s ATS Failed

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Take Amazon, for example, which was working on an ATS that turned out to be consistently giving preferential treatment to male candidates.

Male Dominated Workforce Skewed ATS Capabilities

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The AI itself wasn’t sexist, of course, but based on Amazon’s hiring history of hiring mostly men for roles, the AI inferred that female candidates were not as desirable.

What Exactly Does ATS Do?

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ATS scans the resumes, cover letters, and applications of potential employees for important keywords that are relevant to the job description. 

Why ATS Is Tricky

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This can be a disadvantage if you’re applying for multiple jobs at one time because it means you’ll have to be careful to tailor your resume to include keywords for each job.

Advantages and Time-Saving Methods

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That’s not to say there aren’t advantages to ATS, which include simplifying the hiring process and weeding out candidates who are clearly not a match for a position.

It prevents applicants and hiring teams alike from wasting their time with an interview.

When AI tosses Out Good Prospects

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But what that can mean for you is that it’s harder to get an interview because if your resume isn’t set up to impress ATS, you’re likely being looked over, even for jobs you’re qualified for. So, how can you make sure that doesn’t happen?

Reviewing for Keywords

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ATS experts agree that one of the biggest ways to ensure your application moves through ATS and into the hands of a hiring team is by tailoring your resume to include keywords from the job description.

Don’t Try to Trick the System

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It’s also not advised to use methods that claim to trick ATS because, ultimately, if you’re not qualified, you’re not qualified.

Some would-be employees have taken to a process called “white fonting,” in which they place the entire job description into their resume but change the font to white. 

Why People Attempt “White Fonting”

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That way, the recruiter would not notice that the description was on the resume once it got to them, but the ATS would have picked up on it, resulting in the application being moved forward in the process as the screener picked up keywords.

Hiring Teams Know What to Look For

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This method has been debunked, and more hiring managers are looking for tricks like these, so they simply don’t work and are a good way to get your resume thrown out.

Mind the Gaps

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Another piece of advice given by ATS experts is to ensure that there are no large gaps in your resume because that is a red flag that ATS will notice.

During periods of unemployment, consider continuing education courses or freelancing to keep your work history on track.

Pending Legislation

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Some states are working on legislation that requires employers to disclose whether ATS is being used and whether AI screeners will be used on job applications.

At a minimum, those laws would help applicants to optimize their resumes.

ATS in the Hiring Landscape

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Regardless of how applicants feel about AI resume screeners, the reality is that most major employers are utilizing them in the hiring process.

It’s a good idea to brush up on what they’re looking for and make sure your resume has what it takes to get in front of a hiring team.

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