Unlocking Hotel Secrets: What You Can (and Can’t) Take Home

When you’re navigating the high seas of hotel stays, knowing what’s up for grabs and what’s strictly off-limits can transform you from a novice navigator to a savvy sailor. Here’s the inside scoop on those little luxuries and essentials—direct from the hidden diary of hotel secrets.

1. Miniature Toiletries: Pocket-Sized Spoils

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Those mini bottles of shampoo and conditioner? Consider them your rewards for choosing to stay. Dive deeper into those bathroom drawers—luxury hotels often hide upscale creams and bespoke beauty products.

2. Slippers: To Slip or Not to Slip

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Disposable slippers are a green light. They’re practically begging for a new home. However, those plush, logo-embossed ones are a red flag; leave them be unless you’re ready to see an extra charge on your bill.

3. The Mighty Pen & Notepad

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Hotels practically count on you walking away with their pens and notepads. It’s a win-win: you get a new writing tool, and they get free advertising.

4. Brew It Up: Coffee and Tea

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Those coffee pods and tea bags are yours for the taking—or brewing. In the realm of upscale rooms, you might find gourmet selections that are a foodie’s dream come true.

5. Fitness Kits

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Yes, some hotels offer yoga mats or resistance bands as part of the wellness experience. If they’re in the room, they’re typically yours to use but not to keep—unless explicitly stated otherwise.

6. Sewing Kits: Emergency Fixes

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Found a sewing kit? These are intended as takeaways for those last-minute wardrobe malfunctions. Hotels won’t miss these tiny lifelines.

7. Personal Care Essentials

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Forgot your toothbrush or razor? The ones provided are yours to use and take. Hotels stock these for your convenience, knowing they won’t—and shouldn’t—be used by anyone else.

8. Magazines and Newspapers: Read and Remove?

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While flipping through them during your stay is expected, taking magazines or newspapers home is a gray area. If in doubt, ask. Some places intend for these to be read and left for others.

9. Stationery Sets

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Beyond the pen and notepad, some hotels offer full stationery sets. These are often fair game, especially in business suites. They’re like a parting gift for the well-heeled traveler.

10. The No-No List: Bathrobes and Towels

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As tempting as they are, bathrobes and towels are meant to stay. They’re part of the room’s charm and comfort—not a gift with stay.

11. Umbrellas: Rain or Shine?

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Found an umbrella in your closet? It’s likely meant to be borrowed during your stay, especially in locations where rain can surprise you. Check with the front desk before making it your rainy-day souvenir.

12. Artwork and Decor

Image Credit: Pexels / Igor Starkov

Those quirky paintings and sculptures? Definitely a no-go. Appreciate the art, but let it stay part of the hotel’s unique ambiance.

13. Bed Linens and Pillows

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It might sound absurd, but yes, guests have tried to take these. Bed linens and pillows are strictly off-limits—unless you fancy paying a hefty fee.

14. Electronic Gadgets

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The clock radio, the hairdryer, and that sleek Bluetooth speaker are all off the table. These items are part of the room’s fixtures and not part of the take-home package.

15. Books

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Stumbled upon a well-stocked bookshelf? These books are meant for enjoying during your stay, not for expanding your home library—unless the hotel has a take-one-leave-one policy.

16. The Safe Bet: Key Cards

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While not exactly a keepsake, some guests collect key cards as mementos. Technically, they should be returned, but most hotels won’t fret over a missing card or two.

Checkout Wisdom

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Mastering the art of the hotel stay isn’t just about what you can take, but also about knowing the value of leaving things as they are. Navigate your next hotel visit with this insider knowledge, and you’ll not only enjoy the perks but also respect the boundaries. Here’s to traveling smart and staying savvy!

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