Would You Move to These 21 Cities If They Paid You?

Dreaming of a new start with a sweet financial incentive to boot? From bustling American cities to tranquil European villages, these 21 destinations around the globe offer compelling reasons to pack your bags. Not only do they promise a change of scenery, but they also come with financial perks ranging from cash incentives to tax breaks, making your move not just exciting but economically savvy.

#1. Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA

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Tulsa’s Tulsa Remote program offers $10,000, a co-working space membership, and community support to attract remote workers to enrich its vibrant community.

#2. Topeka, Kansas, USA

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Choose Topeka for your new home and earn up to $15,000. This initiative aims to bolster the local workforce and community spirit.

#3. Alaska, USA

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Alaska’s Permanent Fund Dividend pays residents a yearly share of the state’s oil revenues, offering a unique incentive to experience its rugged beauty and wilderness.

#4. Newton, Iowa, USA

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New homeowners in Newton can enjoy a welcome package valued at over $10,000, including local shopping vouchers and substantial utility discounts, to stimulate local growth.

#5. Chile

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The Start-Up Chile program beckons global entrepreneurs with $80,000 and a one-year visa to kickstart innovative businesses, fostering a diverse and dynamic startup ecosystem.

#6. Candela, Italy

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To revive this picturesque town, Candela offers up to €2,000 to new residents, hoping to rejuvenate its charming streets and community life.

#7. Ponga, Spain

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Ponga seeks to attract young families with a €3,000 incentive, plus additional funds for each child born there, revitalizing this serene village with new energy and life.

#8. The Azores, Portugal

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This stunning archipelago offers financial support to those relocating, aimed at preserving the islands’ natural beauty while invigorating the local economy.

#9. Antikythera, Greece

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Families moving to Antikythera receive housing, land, and a stipend, part of an initiative to sustain the island’s population and cultural heritage.

#10. Molise, Italy

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Molise’s offer of €700 monthly for three years to newcomers aims to infuse life into rural areas, providing a peaceful retreat with a financial cushion.

#11. Harmony, Minnesota, USA

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Build your new home in Harmony and receive a cash rebate of up to $12,000, a gesture to welcome newcomers to this friendly, tight-knit community.

#12. Vermont, USA

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Vermont’s Remote Worker Grant Program is designed to attract remote workers with up to $10,000 over two years, enhancing the state’s workforce diversity and digital economy.

#13. Albinen, Switzerland

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In picturesque Albinen, new residents can get CHF 25,000 per adult and CHF 10,000 per child for committing to a decade in this idyllic mountain village, aiming to strengthen the local community.

#14. Maine, USA

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Recent graduates moving to Maine are eligible for a tax credit that helps pay off student loans, an initiative to attract young professionals to the scenic state.

#15. Baltimore, Maryland, USA

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The Buying Into Baltimore program offers $5,000 towards purchasing a home, encouraging new residents to contribute to the city’s renewal and community spirit.

#16. Utrecht, Netherlands

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Utrecht awards grants for sustainability projects, appealing to eco-conscious individuals looking to make a positive impact in this innovative city.

#17. Saskatchewan, Canada

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Saskatchewan’s Graduate Retention Program offers up to CAD $20,000 in tax credits to graduates who move there, enhancing its appeal to young, educated newcomers.

#18. Niagara Falls, New York, USA

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Niagara Falls aims to rejuvenate certain neighborhoods by offering up to $7,000 in student loan repayments to young residents, enriching the community with fresh energy.

#19. Marne, Iowa, USA

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Marne offers free land for individuals willing to build their homes there, providing a unique opportunity to be part of a growing, supportive community.

#20. Pipestone, Manitoba, Canada

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Entrepreneurs find a warm welcome in Pipestone, with tax incentives and rebates for new businesses, fostering economic development in this rural area.

#21. Gagliato, Italy

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In an effort to enhance local healthcare, Gagliato provides free housing and tax benefits to doctors who relocate there, ensuring the well-being of its community.

A World of Opportunities

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Each of these 21 places offers more than just a financial incentive; they provide the chance to be part of a community that values growth, diversity, and sustainability. Whether you’re drawn to the adventure of living in Alaska, the entrepreneurial spirit of Chile, or the tranquil life in Italian or Greek villages.

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