How to Pack a Floppy Hat in a Suitcase

Mastering the Art of Packing Your Floppy Hat in a Suitcase.

Packing for a trip often feels like a game of suitcase Tetris, especially when you’re trying to fit in your favorite sun hat without turning it into a pancake. You’ve probably faced this dilemma: the floppy hat, be it a straw hat or another material, is a travel essential for sun protection and style, but its substantial size and shape make it a bit of a packing puzzle.

There is a best way to pack hats! It’s all about keeping them in shape, uncrushed, and ready to wear as soon as you reach your sunny destination. Whether you’re packing for a quick getaway or preparing a hat for shipping, the challenge is the same. So, keep reading to learn the art of packing a floppy hat in your suitcase or bag, ensuring it emerges looking just as fabulous as when it went in.

Expert Tips for Packing Your Floppy Hat in a Suitcase

  1. Stuffing the Crown. Fill the crown of the hat with soft items like scarves, socks, or underwear to help it maintain its shape.
  2. Creating a Stable Foundation. Begin by forming a base layer in your luggage using soft items like towels and shirts. For added stability, intersperse heavy items at the bottom along with these soft items. This approach optimizes space and provides a protective foundation for your belongings.
  3. Strategic Placement of Your Hat. If space is tight, place your stuffed-crown hat directly at the bottom and then arrange other items around it. If you have more room, lay the hat on the prepared soft layer. In both cases, surround the hat with clothing, especially over the brim, ensuring it’s snug and secure. This method is akin to creating a protective nest for your hat, maintaining its shape and readiness for use.
  4. Hat on Top Method. Pack your suitcase as usual and then gently place the hat on top of your other clothes. This works well if you have a hard-shell suitcase.
  5. Hat Hugger Technique. Use two large, soft items like sweaters or beach towels. Lay one item flat, place the hat on top, then fold the item over the hat. Place the second item on top and fold it around the other side, creating a soft cocoon.
  6. Collapsible Hats. If your floppy hat is made of flexible materials like cotton or canvas, making it collapsible, you can gently fold or roll it and tuck it into the side of your suitcase. These materials allow the hat to be compressed without damage, making them ideal for travel.
  7. Using a Hat Box. If you have room, a hat box is the ideal solution. Place the hat in the box and then fit the box into your suitcase for maximum protection.

How to Make a Floppy Hat Stiff Again

More Options to Carry Your Hat on Long Journeys

There are other possible ways to carry your summer hat, whether you’re jet-setting, train-hopping, or road-tripping.

Woman traveler wearing a wide-brimmed hat and carrying luggage on the roadside
  • Wearing It Stylishly. Pop your hat on your head for a simple, chic look with instant sun protection. Tight on space in transit? Wear it backwards or sling it over your shoulder for a hassle-free travel solution.
  • Handy Attachments. For hands-free convenience, clip your hat to your bag with a carabiner or use a magnetic hat holder. Easy to attach, these nifty gadgets keep your hat within reach and perfectly shaped.
  • Ingenious Solutions. Get creative with a scarf wrap or a pillowcase sling for your hat, doubling as stylish accessories. Carrying a bucket hat too? Nest your floppy hat inside for a snug, protective duo.
  • Travel-Specific Carriers. Consider a dedicated hat carrier for the utmost protection during travel, ensuring your hat stays in pristine condition.
  • For Train and Car Travelers. Make use of train luggage racks or car sun visors and seat hooks to keep your hat secure and out of the way during your journey. Or, if you’re in a car, you can simply put the hat in the trunk (or ‘boot’ in some regions) somewhere over the luggage, ensuring it remains uncrushed and ready for use upon arrival.
  • Bonus Tips for the Savvy Traveler. Opt for a crushable hat for convenience, and remember, softer hats can be rolled and secured for compact packing.

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