Purple Dress Perfection: Choosing the Right Color Accessories

Purple palette perfection: A foolproof guide to accessorizing your purple dress.

When considering fashion for your next event’s outfit, don’t just focus on the dress — think big picture, especially with a stunning purple number. Shoes to dazzle, handbag to charm; accessories like a trendy jacket or elegant shawl elevate your look from daily to extraordinary.

A woman wearing a purple dress with beige color shoes, a summer hat and a handbag.


Ready for party time? Let your purple dress shine, but don’t forget the ensemble’s heroes — a jaunty hat, chic tie, stylish watch, and cozy sweater. Ideal for brunch or grand occasions, the right accessories bring your look together, marrying contrasts and colors beautifully.

So, how do you ensure your accessories perfectly enhance your dress? It’s a blend of art and science — balancing colors that either create a striking contrast or complement the purple hue subtly.

What Color Shoes Go With a Purple Dress?

A woman sitting on a white sofa wearing a purple suit and light purple shoes

They can make or break an outfit, right? Whether you go for heels or flats, choose a color that either stands out or blends in seamlessly with your purple dress. It’s all about that ‘wow’ factor. Let’s break down some top picks and why they might just be the perfect match for your outfit.

Shoe Colors

  1. Nude or Beige Shoes. Talk about versatility! These colors are like the Swiss Army knife of footwear — they go with almost everything. Plus, they have this magic trick of making your legs look longer, especially in heels. Talk about a win-win.
  2. Silver Shoes. Want to add a dash of sparkle? Silver shoes are your go-to. Ideal for glitzy events, they bring out the cool undertones in purple, offering a sleek, chic look that’s hard to beat.
  3. Matching Purple Shoes. Feeling matchy-matchy? Go for it with shoes that mirror the color of your dress. This creates a seamless, sophisticated vibe, especially with deeper purples. It’s elegance personified.
  4. Black Shoes. Ah, the classic black — you can never go wrong here. They bring a striking contrast, especially with lighter purples, adding a touch of drama and sophistication to your ensemble.
  5. White Shoes. Perfect for summer vibes, white shoes create a crisp, fresh look. They brighten up your outfit and add an eye-catching element that’s hard to ignore.

Dress Shades

  • Light Purple (Lavender, Lilac). Go neutral with nude, taupe, or cream, or bold with emerald green or coral. Pastel harmony can be achieved with mint green or baby blue.
  • Royal Purple. Neutrals like black, white, or grey work well. For metallic allure, try silver, gold, or rose gold. Teal and lime green offer complementary pops of color.
  • Deep Purple (Plum, Eggplant). Stick to neutrals like black, brown, or camel, or go metallic with gold, bronze, or copper. For a statement, try red, orange, or mustard yellow.

Additional Tips

  • Metallic Allure. Silver or gold shoes are safe bets for almost any shade of purple, if you want a touch of glamour.
  • Animal Print Punch. Leopard or snakeskin prints add a playful touch, especially to simpler purple dresses.
  • Consider the Occasion. Formal events call for classic colors like black or metallic, while casual settings allow for more playful, colorful options.

And remember, these are just starting points. The world of colors is your oyster — think yellow, pink, blue, even burgundy. The key? Have fun and wear your choices with confidence. It’s your style story, after all.

What Color Hat to Wear with a Purple Dress

A woman wearing an eggplant purple dress and a hat with a metallic dark gray color

The hat, often an overlooked accessory, can be the defining touch to your purple dress ensemble. Whether you’re heading to a casual brunch or a glamorous evening event, the right color hat doesn’t just complement — it can transform your entire look.

Neutral Colors

  • Black. A classic choice that offers sleek contrast. Try different textures, like straw for summer days or felt for cooler weather.
  • Beige or Tan. Soft and versatile, these hues complement both dark and light purples, bringing warmth to your look.
  • White. Fresh and minimalist, white is great for lighter purples. A straw hat is perfect for summer, while a felt fedora adds urban sophistication.

Matching & Pattern

  • Monochrome Magic. Go bold with a hat in the same shade as your dress. It’s a sophisticated choice for any shade of purple.
  • Pattern Play. If your dress has a pattern, echo a color from the print in your hat. It ties your outfit together beautifully.

Metallic Accents

  • Silver. A cool metallic that works with any purple shade, adding a touch of glamour. Choose from straw for a casual feel or felt for elegance.
  • Gold. Rich and luxurious, gold elevates your purple dress. Opt for a wide-brimmed straw hat for a relaxed vibe or a chic cloche for classic elegance.
  • Rose Gold. Trendy and feminine, rose gold softens your purple ensemble. Pair it with a fedora or sun visor for casual events, or a cloche for something more formal.


  • Green. A vibrant option that balances well with purple. Choose emerald or olive for deeper purples, mint or lime for lighter shades.
  • Yellow. Bright and playful, yellow adds a fun contrast. Mustard yellow is great with dark purples, while lemon or sunflower suits lighter purples.
  • Orange. Energetic and striking, orange gives your outfit a lively twist. Burnt orange and terracotta add sophistication, while coral or tangerine brighten things up.

Additional Tips

Consider the occasion when choosing your hat – fedoras or cloches are perfect for formal events, while straw or bucket hats suit casual outings. Texture plays a big role too; pair a flowy dress with a structured hat to strike a balance. Above all, don’t be afraid to experiment – confidence is key, so pick a hat that makes you feel absolutely fabulous.

What Color Shawl or Scarf Goes with Purple

A woman wearing a purple dress and a  shawl, sitting on a bench in a park

Whether it’s a shawl or scarf — that extra layer you choose for your purple dress is more than just a cozy wrap or, of course, a trendy accessory. So, picking the right color can transform your look, beautifully completing your purple attire with flair and finesse.

Elegant Combinations

  • Neutral Shades. Think ivory, cream, or light gray for a soft, sophisticated touch. These colors provide a subtle contrast without overpowering your purple dress.
  • Rich Burgundy. For a deeper, luxurious feel, a burgundy shawl or scarf adds a lovely depth, especially with darker shades of purple.
  • Metallic Tones. Silver or gold scarves can inject a bit of sparkle and glamour, perfect for evening wear or special occasions.

Patterned & Textured

  • Floral Prints. A floral scarf with hints of purple can tie the look together while introducing other complementary colors.
  • Geometric Patterns. Scarves with geometric patterns can add a modern, edgy twist to your outfit, especially if they include shades that echo your dress.

Seasonal Styles

  • Light Cotton for Summer. A breezy, lightweight cotton scarf in a pastel hue adds a casual, airy charm.
  • Cozy Wool for Winter. A thicker, woolen shawl in a rich color like deep green or navy blue offers both warmth and elegance.

Choosing the right shawl or scarf is about balancing texture and pattern with color. Match your dress’s fabric with the scarf’s material for a cohesive look. Wear it with confidence — let your choice reflect your unique style and personality.

Choosing the Right Jacket Color for a Purple Dress

A woman wearing purple dress and a jacket sitting on a bench

Purple dress and a jacket — this pairing is more than just about keeping cozy, it’s a fashion statement in itself. The right jacket color can lift your entire look, transforming your outfit from plain to stunning. Let’s choose a hue that really lets your purple attire stand out.

Classic & Soft

  • Black. You can’t go wrong with a classic black jacket. It’s versatile, chic, and provides a stunning contrast with purple.
  • Gray. A gray jacket offers a softer alternative to black and can range from light to dark shades, blending nicely with purple.
  • Pastel. Soft pastel jackets, like baby blue or pale pink, add a gentle, feminine touch to your purple dress.
  • White. For a crisp, clean look, a white jacket is a perfect choice. It adds a fresh, bright touch to your outfit.

Bold & Modern

  • Red. Ready to make a statement? A red jacket with a purple dress is bold and eye-catching, perfect for when you want to turn heads.
  • Green. For a look that’s both unique and stylish, try a green jacket. It creates an intriguing contrast, especially with deeper shades of purple.
  • Silver. To add some modern flair, consider a silver jacket. It pairs well with purple and adds a contemporary edge.

Casual & Playful

  • Denim. For a casual, everyday look, a denim jacket is a perfect match. It’s relaxed, comfortable, and looks great with any shade of purple.
  • Patterned. If you’re feeling adventurous, try a patterned jacket. Just ensure the pattern complements the shade of your dress.

The perfect jacket? It’s the one that not only vibes with your style but also fits the occasion like a glove. And hey, remember — the best accessory is the one that showcases your personal flair and boosts your confidence sky high.

What Color Handbag or Purse Goes with Purple Dress?

A woman wearing purple dress with a handbag

A handbag or purse— it’s not just an accessory, it’s the finishing touch to your purple presence. Your choice of bag can either make your outfit shine or leave it lacking. Let’s now look at which handbag colors can truly elevate your purple dress and ensure you make a stylish statement.
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Dress Shades

  • Darker Purples (like plum, eggplant). Black, brown, or camel handbags offer a sophisticated and understated elegance. To add a bit of warmth and opulence, opt for metallic shades such as gold, bronze, or copper.
  • Royal Purple. This regal shade pairs wonderfully with classic neutrals — black, white, or gray. If you’re aiming for a more striking look, consider bold colors like teal, yellow, or lime green for an eye-catching contrast.
  • Lighter Purples (think lavender, lilac). Pair with pastel handbags — mint green, baby blue, dark purple, or peach — for a delightfully harmonious look. For a touch of shine and class, metallics like silver or gold are impeccable choices.

Dress Style and the Occasion

  • Formal Events. A clutch or a structured handbag in black or metallic tones elevates your look. Complementary colors like emerald green or deep red also work wonders.
  • Casual Outings. Explore bolder, playful options like floral prints, vibrant colors (yellow or orange), or fashionable textures (straw or woven bags).
  • Summer Vibes. Keep it light with a straw tote, a cross-body bag, or a colorful clutch. Raffia or wicker textures are perfect for a laid-back, beachy feel.

To Match or to Contrast?

  • Monochromatic Magic. A handbag in the same purple shade as your dress makes for a sleek, polished look.
  • A Splash of Color. Go bold with a contrasting handbag color like yellow, orange, or vivid green. Just make sure it complements the rest of your outfit.

When picking a handbag, remember — size and functionality aren’t just practical, they shape your style. Go for a bag that holds everything you need and balances well with your dress’s form. Material choices are a game-changer too. Leather, suede, or textured fabrics? Each adds a unique flair. And the straps — they’re the subtle twist. Elegant chain straps for a dressy look, or relaxed canvas and woven for a laid-back vibe.

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