25 Repurposing Hacks to Transform Trash into Treasure

There’s no doubt that we’re living in a disposable world. Sometimes, it seems like everything we touch is destined to be thrown away. If you’re looking for ways to get more out of what you already own, you’ll love these 25 creative ways to repurpose everyday items. In addition to keeping useful things out of landfills, these tricks will help you save money by eliminating the need to buy more when you already have perfectly suitable alternatives at your fingertips.

1. Turn Old T-shirts into Cleaning Rags

a pile of coloured t-shirt
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

We all have those t-shirts that are too worn out to wear but not worn out enough to be thrown away. Rather than waste them, cut them into squares and use them as cleaning rags. Rags made from shirts are soft, absorbent, and perfect for wiping down surfaces and cleaning throughout the house.

2. Reuse Glass Jars as Storage Containers

glass jars full of beans and grains
Image Credit: Ella Olsson from Pexels via Canva.

Finished with that jar of pasta sauce? Clean it out and give it a new life as a storage option. These durable containers are perfect for leftovers, homemade dressings, and other uses around the kitchen. But they’re also great for holding small items like buttons, screws, pens, and more throughout the house.

3. Create Planters from Old Boots or Shoes

hiking boots containing plants
Image Credit: Elly Miller Via Canva.

Transform old boots or shoes into quirky planters for your garden. Just fill them with soil and plant your favorite flowers or herbs. They add a unique touch to your garden and are a fun way to recycle footwear that’s past its prime. Want to add color? I love painting mine bright colors that complement my outdoor decor.

4. Use Egg Cartons for Seed Starters

Plants in a used egg box
Image Credit: Atlas Studio via Canva.

Starting a garden? Cardboard egg cartons are the perfect size, shape, and material to serve as seed starters. Once your seedlings are ready, plant them, carton and all, directly into the soil.

5. Repurpose Old Towels into Bath Mats

Rolled up towels on a bathroom floor
Image Credit: Africa Images via Canva.

You can easily turn thick, fluffy towels that have seen better days into comfy bath mats. All you need to do is cut them to size and sew the edges to prevent fraying. You’ll end up with a soft, absorbent mat that adds a cozy touch to your bathroom.

6. Turn Wine Corks into Bulletin Board

Image of wine corks
Image Credit: Elena Photo via Canva.

Easily create a chic and rustic bulletin board using wine corks, a picture frame, and a hot glue gun. They’re perfect for hanging notes, photos, or recipes, and they make simple but elegant gifts

7. Upcycle Old Books into Shelves

row of books
Image Credit: Billion Photos via Canva.

A cute idea for an office or study is to repurpose old books into unique, floating shelves. Just attach brackets to the back cover and mount them on the wall. I find that you’ll achieve the cleanest look when you use hardcover books, though paperbacks will work just as well if that’s all you have.

8. Reuse Old Ladders as Bookshelves

woman standing next to a white ladder with books
Image Credit: Syda Productions Via Canva.

Don’t throw out that old ladder — instead, stand it against a wall and use the rungs to hold books, plants, or decorative items. Need a way to store your mountain of covers and throws? Use an actual old wooden ladder rather than waste money on an expensive blanket ladder.

9. Convert Mason Jars into Soap Dispensers

mason jar on a bathroom shelf with decorative pine cones
Image Credit: Syda Productions Via Canva.

I really hate the idea of throwing away perfectly good jars! For this tip, gather your old mason and food jars to convert into stylish soap dispensers. Drill a hole in the lid, fit a pump, and voila! You’ve got a homemade dispenser that’s both functional and attractive.

10. Repurpose CD Racks into Bag Organizers

standing black metal CD rack
Image Credit: Ken Tannenbaum Via Canva.

I’m certain you still have a CD rack or two hiding somewhere in your house. They’re largely obsolete for their original use, but you can give them new life as racks to neatly store clutches, purses, and small backpacks. Place them in a closet or other convenient location for easy access.

11. Turn Suitcases into Pet Beds

two small dogs sitting inside a suitcase
Image Credit: Annette Shaff  Via Canva.

When your suitcase is no longer fit for travel, give it a good cleaning and donate it to your pets. With just the addition of a soft pillow and maybe a blanket, your luggage is instantly transformed into a pet bed.

12. Use Old Tires as Garden Planters

painted used tyres containing plants in the garden
Image Credit Component2 Via Canva.

You may be surprised to learn that many landfills don’t accept old tires. That’s okay because they’re easy to paint and use as planters throughout your yard. I love their industrial charm and how they’re the perfect base for flowers and small bushes. To be on the safe side, the only thing I won’t use them for is herbs and vegetables I intend to eat.

13. Convert Old Picture Frames into Serving Trays

wooden serving tray
Image Credit: Arayabandit via Canva.

Turning old picture frames into stylish serving trays doesn’t take much effort. Just replace the photo with a piece of decorative paper or fabric and add handles to the sides. They’re cute for serving breakfast in bed or hosting elegant tea parties.

14. Repurpose Old Sheets into Curtains

women opening curtains with a pile of folded sheets in the foreground
Image Credit: RyanKing999 via Canva.

Got old sheets? Turn them into curtains. With a little sewing, you can create lovely, light curtains that add a personal touch to your windows. I love using patterns or colors that match my decor palette so I can change things up whenever I’d like.

15. Use Shower Curtain Rings for Scarf Storage

pine wooden showeer rings
Image Credit: ImageDB via Canva.

Shower curtain rings are so handy for organizing scarves in your closet. Attach the rings to a hanger, and then loop your scarves through them. This is an easy, affordable way to keep your scarves neat and wrinkle-free.

16. Transform Wine Bottles into Candle Holders

candle wax around the tip of two wine bottles
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

With almost no effort, empty wine bottles make elegant candle holders. Just place a taper candle in the opening of the bottle and light. These DIY candle holders make for a romantic dinner setting or a serene bathroom ambiance.

17. Upcycle Old Jeans into Aprons

image of a woman sewing with denim material
Image Credit: Irynakhabliukvia via Canva.

Don’t throw away those old jeans! Cut them up and turn them into durable, stylish aprons. The denim material is tough and can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making it perfect for cooking or gardening.

18. Create Coasters from Old Magazines

a pile of blank table coasters next to a pile of magazines
Image Credit: Bongkarn Thanyakij via Canva.

This upcycling idea is great to do with the kiddos! Gather some old magazines, tear out the pages, and roll them into fun, unique coasters. They’re wonderful conversation starters and add a pop of color to your coffee table.

19. Convert a Colander into a Lampshade

image of a colender lampshade in a kitchen
Image Credit: Nastco via Canva.

Switch out your boring lampshade for a quirky, industrial-style look with a kitchen colander. The holes create a unique light pattern that’s perfect for a relaxed ambiance. Just be sure to use a metal colander so as not to melt plastic.

20. Use Bread Clips for Cord Labels

multi-coloured bread clips on a table
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Bread clips are actually quite perfect for labeling cords. To use them, write the name of the device on the clip and attach it to the cord — it’s really that simple. I like to use them to label the kids’ tablet chargers so they don’t fight over them.

21. Turn Greeting Cards into Bookmarks

Image of pretty bookmarks on a table
Image Credit: Pixelshot via Canva.

Don’t toss out those old greeting cards! Cut them into strips and use them as bookmarks instead. They’re pretty, sturdy, and just the right size.

22. Repurpose Old Newspapers for Window Cleaning

two women cleaning a window with newspapers
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Newspapers are surprisingly effective for cleaning windows. They don’t leave lint behind like paper towels and give a streak-free shine. This is a trick that my mama passed down, and it really does work!

23. Convert Empty Lip Balm Containers into Mini Storage

two pots of lip balm with the lid off
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Empty lip balm containers are perfect for storing small items like earrings, pins, or even pills. They’re a smart way to keep your purse organized, and you’re reusing something you would otherwise throw away.

24. Make a Pin Cushion from an Old Teacup

tea cup with pin cushion inside on kitchen worktop
Image Credit: Jan Barley via Canva.

Fill an old teacup with stuffing to create a charming pin cushion. It’s a quaint, decorative way to store your sewing pins and adds a vintage touch to your craft area. If you have more teacups, use them to store buttons, thimbles, thread, and other sewing supplies.

25. Use Old Calendars for Wrapping Paper

a mix of calenders
Image Credit: Jan Barley via Canva.

Old calendars often have beautiful, high-quality images, so reuse them as unique wrapping paper. This is a creative, eco-friendly way to present gifts, and each one is like a work of art. If you don’t have enough material to cover an entire gift, cut a piece of the calendar to serve as the gift tag.

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