Can You Claim Up to $500 from Walmart’s $45M Settlement?

Walmart is facing a $45 million lawsuit, and you could be eligible to receive a $500 million payout as part of the settlement.

Payday for Some Walmart Customers

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You could be entitled to a $500 payout as part of a massive lawsuit settlement paid by retail giant Walmart after accusations of overcharging customers.

Walmart Overcharging Customers?

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A lawsuit was filed against the retail company in late 2022, later amended in 2023, claiming that Walmart stores had inflated prices on sold-by-weight and bulk produce.

False Advertising

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The lawsuit included claims that the chain had falsely advertised the weight of certain items, such as oranges and grapefruits, thus overcharging customers by applying the heavier and inaccurate weight to the items.

Customers Mislead Into Paying More

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It also claimed that customers had been misled into thinking they were paying “lowered” prices for products that had not been lowered, such as seafood, meat, and poultry.

Deceptive Business Practises

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In short, customers were found to be paying “more than the lowest in-store advertised price” for these products.”

The lawsuit stated that these customers were “subjected to the following three systemic unfair and deceptive business practices.”

The Big Three

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These practices include: “Falsely Inflating Product Weight,” “Mislabeling Weight of Bagged Produce,” and “Overcharging of Sold-by-Weight Clearance Products.”

$45 Million Settlement

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A settlement has since been reached, wherein Walmart agreed to cough up a $45 million payout to affected customers.

From 2018 to 2024

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The terms of the settlement specify that any customer who purchased these weighted or bagged goods from a Walmart store between October 19, 2018, through January 19, 2024, could qualify for up to $500 in compensation.

U.S. and Puerto Rico

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These include individual stores, supercenters, and market stores located in the United States or Puerto Rico.

How Much Will You Get?

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Payout amounts vary between $10 and $500, depending on how much produce they purchased and whether or not they can provide a receipt or any other proof of purchase.

Claims Without Receipts

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$10 to $25 payouts will apply to customers who attest to buying between 50 to 100 separate weighted or bagged items during the settlement period.

Claims With Receipts

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Customers who can provide proof of their purchases during the settlement period can claim 2% of “the total cost of the substantiated Weighted Goods and Bagged Citrus Purchased,” with compensation capped at $500 per person.

Depends On How Many Apply

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Despite these “official” tiers of compensation, the Frequently Asked Questions page on the settlement website has specified that the amounts each person will receive depend on how many claims are successfully made.

“Subjected to a Pro-Rata Increase or Decrease”

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The valid claims will be measured against the $45 million settlement amount. This means that “all amounts are subject to a potential pro-rata increase or decrease and to a supplemental distribution,” according to the website.

How to File Your Claim

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If you believe you are entitled to compensation from Walmart due to relevant purchases during this period, you can file a claim online or via post.

Find Receipts Online

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Customers who have not retained receipts or any other proof of purchase listing these specific items can potentially find receipts through Walmart’s official website.

Walmart Denies the Claims

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Despite agreeing to such a hefty lawsuit settlement, Walmart has always officially denied the allegations and continues to deny any wrongdoing during this period.

“In the Best Interests of Both Parties”

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“We will continue providing our customers everyday low prices to help them save money on the products they want and need. We still deny the allegations, however, we believe a settlement is in the best interest of both parties,” a spokesperson for the company declared in an official statement.

June 5 Deadline

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To successfully claim compensation through the settlement, all claims must be filed before the June 5 deadline.

Electronic or Paper Payouts

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Most payouts will be sent electronically, via Venmo, Zelle, ACH, or a pre-paid MasterCard. Applicants who can’t receive electronic payments can request payment via paper check.

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